Volvo 480 Center

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This site is dedicated to the Volvo 480 and it's sister cars 440/460. It's main goal is to help and inspire the owners of the volvo 480 so that the car will live on in the future.

My first contact with the volvo 480 was when my familly bought a 1987 red ES back in 1994. At first I didn't like the car at all but as years went by I started to like this little strange car with it's funny personality. Sure we did have some problems with it but it newer failed in any weather to get you to the place you were going to. We had this car in the familly until 2000 when I got an Opel in the side of it and that was the end of that 480. About a year later my father came home one day and said that he had stopped at a house with a 480 infront of it and asked the owner if he was interested in selling the car. It ended with a 1990 red Turbo in the familly and that's the car I'm driving today. How rich I ever get's I will allways have at least one 480.

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